I just wanted to bring you up to date on what I have been learning. I ask that you forward this to all on our list from 503rd/218th/22nd.

It has been a while. As for the latest, I located Ed Mitchell. He's still kicking. He plans to have knee replacement surgery soon. Otherwise he's doing OK.

I contacted our Exec Off at MP School (1st Lt Victor Driscoll) to find out the location of the barracks for K-10-4 at Ft Gordon. No luck. He cannot recall but sends his best to all. I'm still trying to contact 1st Sgt Booton from Ft Gordon. Can any of you recall the street location of K-10-4? Ed recalls the Color TV in the dayroom at Company C. and watching the first superbowl on it. Greenbay over Kansas City Royals by 35-10.

I've been trying to contact officers and NCOs from basic at Ft Knox, but am having problems there too.
Sgt Crump and Sgt Kennard have died. But the son of Kennard will try to look thru his fathers stuff and get back to me.

I learned that the location of the post Stockade at Bragg was on the NE corner of Hamilton Street and Letterman Street.

I still need to learn the locations of the 22nd MP Platoon barracks. My only guess is somewhere n of Butner Road.
Over the last weekend, I met with about 7 other guys from the 22nd MP Plt. They all came to the 22nd around May of 67. But most of them were RAs that inlisted and spent 3 years there. They agree with the above location but are not certain. The 22nd was commanded by  2nd Lt Ronald V. Varol. The 10th MP Bn was commanded by Major William C. Robbins.

The location of the Pink Palace is still up in the air. Some say Boca Chica HWY, some say San Isidro HWy. but no one knows for sure.

Ed Mitchell has a book that proves by photo from the air of Pt Hiana that Trujillos Yacht was docked there.

I need to know the model type and description of our MP 2-Way radios in Dom Rep? All I recall are the pork-chop type microphones we used. Can anyone help out on that?

Did anyone from the 503rd go to the Detroit Riots in July of 67?

I do know the 503rd went to DC for the Pentagon Riot in Oct of 67. Can anyone tell me what they remember about the Pentagon duty?

As for who commanded the 218th and when, I have requested from National Personnel records Center in St Louis, copies of the actual daily Morning Reports for the 218th covering March thru September of 1966. That should answer that for certain. But I might have to wait for 8 to 12 weeks for a response.

I now have the before and after histories for the 218th MP Company, and the 503rd MP Battalion. I'll see if I can make them available to all as soon as I can. It seems that the 218th is still active today in Bavaria in Southeast Germany. The 503rd served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

I still need to know the size of our platoon tents in Dom Rep. I guess about 18 X 42 feet in size. Does anyone know for certain if I am accurate?

John Osborne helped me about 10 years back with info about the Mess Hall in Dom Rep. But I cannot contact him for further info. Can anyone help me with this?

Sam Dixon was the barber in Dom Rep
Carl Hagemister was our lifeguard in Dom Rep.

On Sept 20, 1966, Lt Louis Silverhart was assigned as the C.O. for Co C, of the 503rd upon his return from Dom Rep and remained at that post until his ETS in July of 67.

One of the guys from the 22nd MP Platoon had a postcard showing Dots Drive-in restaurant at 250 Bragg Blvd in Spring Lake NC. Tom Kranch recalls foot-long hot dogs from there.

If anyone can recall anything that might interest us - let me know, OK?

Tom O.


Tom Oblinger is writing a book about the 503rd/218th/22nd.  If you have any information please e-mail it to Tom at:  tomobling@aol.com