News Letter



This past summer’s 10th annual reunion was held in Ponte Vedre, Florida, and a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Marcia and Chuck Gheldof for their effort in putting it together. Those who attended were:


Chuck and Marcia Gheldof, John & Debby Patterson, Steve & Linda Van Der Sluis, Art and Sheri White, Dewey & Glenda Low, Melvin Scott, Earl & Alice Kinslow, Bruce & Jeanne Reidenbach, Larry & Sue James, Dave & LuAnn Worthman, Lance & Linda Mulvihill, Arnold & Pat Rhoads, Ron, Tami & Will Cook, George & Pat Martin, Vern & Judy Schwieterman. Guest included Glenda Low’s sisters Diane and Regina, Regina’s husband, Diane’s friend, Allison and Tami Cook’s mother.


This summer’s 2008 reunion will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel in Grapevine, Texas and will be hosted be John and Debby Patterson with Debby probably doing most of the work.:).  Please refer to this website home page by clicking on the “click here for more information”.


From the Lost and Found Department:  Over the last year, thanks to the efforts of Dewey Low, we have found some of our long lost friends: Bill Cordray and William “Red” Thompson in Indiana.  Noel Miller in Georgia, Allen James, Andy Rodecker, and Simone Mingone in New York, John Trella in Florida, and Joseph Perez in West Virginia. Nice work Dewey! FYI: I found Al James on my first call in NYC, of all places, Most times, though, it takes a little detective work.


I bought a Time Magazine from October 27, 1967, off of eBay the other day. It has an interesting article and photos on the Anti War demonstration at the Pentagon and that most of us were a part of.  I also have an article from The Chronicle Review written by Maurice Isserman, Professor Isserman was a 16 year old participant that weekend. I have been in email contact with Professor Isserman, who asked to use a few of my recollections in his article. I’ll bring both magazines to our next reunion.


In the future, due to the rising cost of postage and technology, the newsletter and updates will be sent via email.  Those who do NOT have email address will continue to receive the newsletter by snail mail.  So be sure to keep Marcia Gheldof ( or me posted concerning any email address changes. Remember, you can always look at this website ( for information, or send Bruce Reidenbach any you would like to have added to the web page at ( .


Tom Oblinger has had his book published!! Old Man From the Repple Depple is an account of his Dad’s experience as a replacement soldier in Europe during WWII. You can order the book on line at  or visit your local bookstore.  Good luck, Tom!

We are proud of you!


Looking forward to seeing everyone in July 2008’ in Texas!!!


John Patterson,

218/503rd MP